A big ol’ warm welcome to the home of ‘All love, no lettuce’. Please do pull up a chair, get the comfy blanket out and relax. Here you will find an ever growing resource, helping you with vegan recipes and blogging my journey to a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of living. It is a journey that I am starting with ‘baby steps’.

Why the name?

A few spider charts (and bad puns!) of names on a rainy car journey from Wales and ‘All love, no lettuce’ was born. I like it because, to me, being vegan is very much all about the love. It is not however, contrary to many meat eaters beliefs, all about the lettuce!

So, what shall we talk about?

I was recently in Bath for a few days celebrating my Husbands birthday. Being the foodie (read: greedy) that I am, I had spent hours researching the vegan scene in Bath. I had a few up my sleeve – and I must say they did not disappoint – but when we discovered a quirky Indian street food style place on the last day our minds were blown. I couldn’t shake the “If only we knew about this before” and “What else have we missed?” feelings. But, good thoughts followed. Namely starting a blog with the down low on all the best places in the U.K to eat as a vegan. Lets really shine a light on all the wonderful vegan food options and ensure vegans don’t miss out on their journeys.

Will it just be vegan food guides?

Hell to the no. I have a genuine love of chatting and a passion for all things vegan. My background is in catering and I have lots of recipes to share! Aside of travelling my major passion is frugal/cheap food that is exciting and healthy. I’m not talking the ‘budget meals’ that have ten ingredients you have never heard of nor the jacket potato with a basic chilli recipes. Real food, store cupboard ingredients, big flavours and very little effort. In addition I will be adding product reviews and campaigns that I support where relevant. But mainly the plan is to interact with lots of other folk with similar interests and see how it shapes up!

Lovely stuff but who is behind the blog?

I should have started with this but it felt somewhat egotistical! Hi, my names Kate, I’m 34 and I currently live in Somerset. (Did anyone else read that in a Blind Date contestants voice?!) I am married to Jon and we have a thirteen year old daughter. We are a vegan household since September 2017. Prior to that I was a vegetarian but a chance comment from my newly vegan sister stating ‘I am surprised you’ve never gone vegan’ made me look into things a little deeper. You can guess how that went…..ta da a vegan!

I really hope you enjoy the blog,